Yamaaki's English Articles

  • An interview about Yamaaki's first book,  The Challenge Of Grassroots Democracy: 13 Years Of Suzu, A Front-line City In A Proxy War  On Japanese Nuclear Politics,  about people who had stopped a planned nuclear power plant in Ishikawa Prefecture, which was appeared in the Japan Times, feb. 10, 2010.


  •  An article about the local people’s resistance against a planned nuclear power plant in Yamaguchi Prefecture written by Yamaaki in May 2011 and translated into English by M. Doioka in feb. 2012 for a website run by a Japanese NPO, Women’s Action Network.


  • A book review about Yamaaki's  second book,  People Who Will Not Let Nuclear Plants Be Built ---From Iwaishima To The Future,  which was written by a Japanese sociologist Chizuko Ueno for Kumamoto Nichinichi Shimbun, in Jan. 2013, and then translated by A. Tawara in March 2013 for Women’s Action Network website.


  • An Interview with the director of Yellow Cake: The Dirt Behind Uranium, written by Yamaaki in Feb. 2012 for Shukan KInyobi, and then translated by A. Kitamura in March 2012 for Women's Action Network website.



     ●  An article written by Kris Kosaka for The Japan Times, " OVERSEAs Japanese show solidarity with activists back home" introducing a new-born overseas Japanese network, OVERSEAs, as well as Yamaaki's work and activities.